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“Our earnest hope is that you will reflect on what Pike has given you and stretch yourself to ensure the lasting impact of the Pike tradition at Texas Tech University.”


Alumni Testimonies 

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Ricky Green ’75 Urges Brothers to Restore Pike Pride

Ricky Green ’75 has one mantra that dictates the approach he takes to life: “Do not look back and wish you would have done something. Do it.

Even in college, Ricky walked the talk, serving as Pike pledge trainer, social chairman, sergeant-at-arms, athletic director, and IFC president. His moment of glory, however, was his election as President of Pi Kappa Alpha. “I was elated,” he recalls. “I thought, did this really happen?”

Taking his post at the helm of Epsilon Gamma Chapter was the culmination of three years of dedication, enthusiasm, and hard work. “You get out what you put into it,” Ricky says. “As an undergraduate, I gave everything I had, and I reaped the rewards.”

Among the most fulfilling of the Chapter’s accomplishments for Ricky, an avid athlete, was winning the intramural blanket for the first time. “We also won the biggest award for the Fraternity twice while I was an undergraduate,” he adds. “Our back-to-back spring break trips to Ft. Lauderdale with 12 brothers are great memories, too.”

Those spring break trips, as well as the less celebrated, but equally meaningful everyday moments Ricky spent with his Pike brothers built a camaraderie that endures today. “We tailgate together at football games,” he says. “We’ve had four reunions since graduation with 100-200 Pikes from the era in attendance. We’re a loyal group. We accomplished a lot, and that ties us together.”

Semi-retired after a successful entrepreneurial career in the restaurant industry, Ricky has sustained his commitment to the Fraternity in the 35 years since graduation. Serving as the Lubbock-area alumni representative, he urges brothers to reflect on their time as a Pike and help promote the same opportunities for future members.

“I joined Pike because I was proud to present the members to my parents. It was one of the best times of my life,” he says. “We have to remember the good times we had when we were there and not let it go by the wayside. If we want Pikes to live on at Texas Tech, we need to support them. The more people who help, the easier it is to get something done. I want us to come back and have a nice Chapter that we have a heritage in. Now is the time to stand up and do your part to continue our great legacy.”

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Lodge Reconstruction Offers Epsilon Gammas Opportunity to Build Pike Memories

Why I Gave: Scott Campbell ’74

Memories made at college often stay with an individual their entire life and help shape them into the person they become. The diverse people you meet and wide variety of experiences give students the knowledge to form successful careers of their own. For Epsilon Gamma alumnus Scott Campbell ’74, his Pike membership added to vast opportunities already available to Texas Tech students and paved the way for a successful career down the road.

“I knew a couple of Pikes. They asked me to attend the rush parties where I met a number of great guys,” Scott says of his decision to first visit Pike. “They encouraged me to pledge stating how well I would fit in-and they were right. I met so many good people with a wide variety of backgrounds and experiences that I was able to learn from. Being a member of Pike also helped me realize I could achieve long- term goals.” Beyond that, Pike gave him the opportunity to develop important leadership skills. As an undergraduate, Scott held multiple Chapter officer positions such as Lodge Chairman, Sergeant at Arms, and Pledge Trainer.

“Some of my favorite Pike memories are from sporting events-both intramurals and Texas Tech basketball and football, not to forget the social events at the old Lodge on 19th Street.”These cherished memories serve as a big motivator for Scott stay involved with the Fraternity today. “You get out of Pike what you put into it. The Fraternity has given more to me than I can ever give back to it; but that doesn’t mean I shouldn’t try.”

The desire to support the next generation of brothers, along with the opportunity to honor his own parents, Gladys and John C. Campbell, serves as Scott’s inspiration to support the Pride in Our Past, Foun- dation of Our Future. “The fraternity needs a base of operations where brothers can interact with one another. I’d like to be a part of making this happen for the new Pike’s at Texas Tech.”

Today, Scott resides in Midland, Texas, where he is an oil and gas consultant providing well site supervision of drilling/ completion/ work over/production operations. In his free time, Scott enjoys traveling around the country with Pike brothers to watch college football games and professional baseball, as well as visiting his niece and nephews. To contact Scott, e-mail him at

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